Your New Year’s Data Resolutions

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New Years Resolution

Do you have any new year’s data resolutions?
Check out our list of some of the things you might want to think about for 2014…

So 2014 is here, the hangover has subsided and you’re back at work, refreshed and ready to face a new year filled with exciting challenges. And like millions of people up and down the country, you might have taken up the age-old tradition of setting yourself a new year’s resolution. Whether you aim to quit smoking, lose weight or just devote more time to family, the New Year is a great time to set some self-improvement challenges.

And it’s also a great time to set some resolutions for your data management. Here is our list of the top things you might want to consider…

1. Find a new data centre

Are you happy with your data centre? Or could it be time for a move? The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your needs and ask yourself some key questions:

•    Are you getting the levels of service you require?
•    Is your DC in a convenient location?
•    Are you planning to grow this year, and can the facility offer increased space and power?
•    Are you paying for services you don’t need?

It could be time to think about moving your infrastructure to a new location. If so, make sure you take advice from independent experts who can find the right facility for your business and help with any relocation needs.

2. Explore the cloud

With cloud services increasing in popularity, and with more and more options now available, the New Year could be a good time to think about embracing the Cloud. You can either change from a classic infrastructure to a fully cloud based solution, like a virtual data centre or private cloud platform. Or you could opt for a hybrid cloud system, that gives you the best of both worlds and let’s you transition at a slower pace. Check out the various options.

3. Upgrade your infrastructure

Is your infrastructure working as well as it could be? Or could you do with more speed, and more data storage? Use the New Year as a good excuse to really investigate how well things are running, and look to replace tired servers, increase rack space or just give things a boost.

4. Test and develop

The New Year is a great time to think about developing new ways of working or adapting and improving your infrastructure for optimal performance. Think about adopting a Hybrid Cloud system, which will allow you to test and develop new systems offline without affecting the daily running of your infrastructure.

5. Fine tune your disaster recovery plan

How effective is your disaster recovery plan, and when did you last update it? With technology improving regularly, and with your infrastructure called upon for more complex operations, you need a reliable, flexible recovery plan in case something goes wrong. Make sure yours is up-to-date and effective, and make improvements where necessary.

6. Re-evaluate your data package and change provider

With so many carrier neutral data centres offering services from a variety of different providers, including BT Openreach, Virgin Media Business, Level 3 and many others, the New Year is a perfect time to revisit your data plan. Are you getting the best value? Could you be getting a cheaper deal? Check other providers, and if they’re offering better terms, think about switching.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Leave a comment and let us know.

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