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November 18th, 2013 Backbone Connect, Blog

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IIP_LOGO_BLUE_RGB_smIt’s been another great day at the Backbone Connect offices, as today we achieved the Investors in People Standard. The Standard is awarded to companies after assessment to determine how well they are working with staff and what they are doing to help them achieve their goals and maximise potential.

The team at Backbone Connect have always felt like family, and achieving this standard gives us a warm glow to know that we are helping our people to develop and giving something back for all their hard work.

The right staff = the right stuff

As the Investors in People website says, “Healthy, happy staff are more engaged, motivated and productive.” Having a motivated team means that we are confident in the services we provide to you, we know the job will always get done to the highest possible standards, and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the results. Achieving this award is another sign that we are moving in the right direction, and providing the best possible service.

“We’ve always worked hard to keep our staff happy and developing,” says David McLeod, Marketing Director at Backbone Connect. “A business like ours is really driven by two things: our customers and the levels of service that we provide for them. And in order to deliver the best possible service, we need to have the best staff. So it’s important to us to help our people grow and develop, as that is what helps our company to grow and develop as a result.”

Continuing our tenacious service

“Our focus has always been to enable our staff to grow and develop with the company, sharing knowledge and skills across departments to maximise our performance and results.” says Chloe Wiseman, Operations Manager at Backbone Connect, “Achieving Investor in People status gives us a great boost of confidence, confirming that we are managing our staff in the best way possible, enabling them to achieve their full potential.”

Achieving this standard is not only about us, it also means that we’re on the right track to providing the best levels of service that we can to you, our customers. By investing in our people, helping them to grow and develop, we can also ensure that we have the right people for every job. So the tenacious, hands-on, can-do attitude that you’ve come to expect from us only gets stronger.

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