Well you wouldn’t want a boring charity event would you!

March 3rd, 2017 Blog

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Having only just recovered from our last charity challenge event (some of us still can’t look at a Stairmaster without shuddering!) the team at Backbone Connect are once again raising money for Action On Hearing Loss. This time though, we’ve being a bit more dramatic by walking barefoot across 15 feet of red-hot wood embers. Well you wouldn’t want a boring charity event would you!


No tricks, no special effects – just our team and the fire. After a training session with Scott Bell from UK Firewalk, professional firewalker and Guinness Book of Records holder for world’s longest firewalk, the Backbone team was ready for the 800°F challenge. Cheered on by the 40 or so other firewalkers and members of the public that had gathered to watch, each one braved the coals and smashed the challenge!


You’ll be pleased to know everyone survived and there were no burns or even blisters. We like to think that’s because Backbone staff are made of stronger stuff than your average person! Congratulations to Alicia, Dave, Eleonora and James for braving the coals and putting their pedicures on the line to raise money for a very worthy cause. Please help by donating anything you’d like via our Just Giving page. Any contributions are massively appreciated.


Action on Hearing Loss is the largest UK charity helping people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss to live the life they choose.  Action on Hearing Loss enables them to take control of their lives and remove the barriers in their way, giving people support and care, developing technology and treatments, and campaigning for equality.

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