Valentine’s data: Will love put your DC under pressure?

February 13th, 2014 Backbone Connect, Blog, Cloud Platform, Just for fun

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LOVEThe run up to Valentine’s day is set to be another peak period of internet traffic. So what will the data centres have to deal with?

As Valentine’s day approaches, the country once again prepares to get all loved up, as you let your loved ones know how you feel about them, send secret declarations to the ones you have a crush on, or just feel left out of the loop and go in search of a new romance. With the recent boost in internet dating, online shopping, internet greetings card sites and social media leading the way in the easiest (and laziest) ways to woo your significant others, the run up to 14th February is likely to be another peak period for internet traffic.

Online dating is big business now, with the industry reportedly worth in the region of £2 billion, and millions of users up and down the country all looking for love. And such sites tend to get a sizeable boost in sign-ups in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Plenty of Fish, one of the world’s biggest dating sites, reportedly sees a 23 per cent increase in users signing up between 26th December and the Wednesday following Valentine’s day.

And it’s not only those looking for new love that will help to create the spike, as many of us take to the web to buy gifts and cards for loved ones. A recent report shows that online card retailers, such as and, have grown by 28.9% since 2009. Much of that trend is attributed to consumers preferring the convenience of the online platform, discounted prices and unique personalised products, and is expected to continue with more companies entering the marketplace. With Valentine’s day standing out as one of the biggest in the greetings card calendar, these sites will be expecting big spikes in the run up to the 14th.

Other online retailers will also see spikes in traffic, as we shop for gifts and treats, and they tempt us in with special Valentine’s day prices and promotions.

And not to forget Facebook. The popular social media site will see a big surge in users on 14 February, as we go on to send loving messages, upload pictures of our romantic dates, finally pluck up the courage to ask out that certain someone and, of course, the all important updating of the relationship status. In 2013 a survey suggested that Facebook received an increase of 200% in new relationships added on 14th February. The site also said that Valentine’s day was the third most popular for breaking engagement news on the site.

With all this additional traffic, you can expect to see significant increases in the quantities of data that will be flowing across the web, and the added load running through the data centres across the country. If your business is likely to see a spike in Valentine’s traffic, then you need prepare for that seasonal peak and guarantee you’re ready for the upsurge in visitors. By taking various easy to implement measures, you can safeguard against downtime and strangled bandwidth, and insure against loss of customers and costly impacts on the business. And this year, maybe you should send a card to your data centre manager as well…

Is Valentine’s Day a big business opportunity for you? Or are you not feeling the love? Leave a comment and let us know.

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