Top 5 things we don’t miss about dial-up

September 18th, 2013 Blog

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As BT announces the turn off of its dial-up offering, we can’t say we’re all that sad. Technology is an ever-changing landscape, and though we have fond memories of our dial-up past, we’re far happier with our fire-optic broadband, super-high speeds and stress free connections. Here are the top dial-up pains we’re glad to see the back of…

1) Waiting for a page to load

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With a decent broadband speed, loading a page happens almost instantaneously. But back in the days of dial-up, things took considerably longer, with some pages taking up to a minute or more just to load. And God forbid the page should be chock-a-block with pictures – you may as well go and put the kettle on.

Running a business on a dial-up link nowadays would be next to impossible, especially when you consider how long it would take to load some of today’s most common sites

2) Tying up the landline

Altes Telefon

In the days before mobile phones, people actually relied on the trusty old home landline to receive a call. Unfortunately, dial-up internet connections also used the same landline. So when you went online, the phone could not be used. And if someone did pick up the phone, it was goodbye internet connection. Throughout the land you could hear the tortured cry: ‘Who’s on the phone, I’ve just lost the internet?!’

3) Super-slow downloads

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Before the days of super fast broadband downloading just about anything was enough to give you a headache. Nowadays, we’re so used to live streaming music and movies, or downloading to our mobiles and tablets, we take for granted the super high speeds we have. Back in the dial-up age, however, if you wanted to download a movie you were in for a wait. A long one. Most likely, you’d have to leave your computer downloading overnight.

4) Being plugged in to the wall

Telephone wall sockets

With Wi-fi and 4G, nowadays we get our internet wherever and whenever we want. But with dial-up we weren’t so lucky. Wireless technology was still in its infancy, and in the really early days computers still relied on external modems. All of which meant a multitude of wires, and your computer literally had to be plugged into the phone line to access the web. So mobile internet access was as far as your ethernet cable could reach.

5) That dial-up whine

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Fire up your laptop, connect to the internet and what do you hear? Not much of anything, really. But poor old dial-up users weren’t so lucky. As the modem kicked into action, and searched for a connection, we had to sit through an agonisingly long wait accompanied by that dreadful high-pitched whine that sounded like someone scraping a cat down a chalkboard.

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