Top 10 advantages of cloud storage

March 13th, 2014 Advice, Blog, Cloud Platform, Internet

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Are you wondering whether the cloud is right for you? Check out these top advantages of cloud storage, and see how a move to a virtual data centre could benefit your business.

1. It can be cheaper than a traditional infrastructure
When you store your data in the cloud, you don’t need to pay out for costly server and data storage equipment. And you don’t have to pay to maintain or house that equipment. So those extra expenses are taken away, and you simply pay your provider for the services you use.

2. More time for IT managers
Without all those servers to manage, maintain and monitor, your time as an IT Manager will be freed up to work on other business critical functions. You’ll also find more time for project work, or looking into ways to improve and streamline your IT processes. You might even find you can keep your workday to more sociable hours.

3. It’s easier to expand your storage capacity
If you want to expand your traditional infrastructure, it can be a costly process needing extra storage devices, extra racks in your data centre, or more space in your on-site server room. But with the Cloud it’s as easy buying more space from your service provider. They worry about the equipment and storage and you get extra capacity with no hassle.

4. Quicker connections for workers
With all your data stored in the cloud, remote workers, or those needing to access the servers, will find things quicker and more responsive. Because the data is stored in the cloud, your workers are close to it wherever they are, rather than logging into the company server from a distance and suffering latency issues. So you avoid the potential bottle neck of the in-house server, getting quicker connections and safeguarding against potential meltdowns.

5. Your data is more secure
Your data is arguably your company’s biggest, most precious asset. So you need to ensure it’s as safe as possible. All infrastructures have a certain level of vulnerability, but if you opt for a Private Cloud solution for your data, you get built in security measures designed to keep your data safe and only accessible by you.

6. There’s less risk of data loss
Because your data is stored in the cloud, you’re already safeguarding against loss. Most cloud providers have built-in disaster recovery protocols, so should something go wrong, your data still exists and can be restored. However, if your servers go down in your on-site data centre, and your back-up systems fail too, that data is gone. And it’s not coming back.

7. No more tedious backing up
With the cloud, backing up is automated. Once it’s stored in your Private Cloud or Virtual Data Centre it’s already backed up, so you can cross that extra job off the list.

8. And it’s easier to find what you’re looking for
Data stored in the Cloud also comes with advanced search functionality  that you don’t get with traditional storage methods. So there’s no need to sift through tapes or hard drives to find that specific piece of data. With the cloud it’s as simple as a quick search.

9. It makes it easier to switch between devices
If you work on multiples devices, the cloud makes it easier to switch between them. So you can write a report on work PC, check over it on the train home, edit it on your tablet and email it from home. All by simply logging into the same file on the server, synced across your devices, without needing to make back-ups or multiple drafts.

10. You get lots of extra space
Using cloud storage is essentially like having an invisible server. So without the need to store all that equipment on site, there’s no need for a big, power-hungry server room. You can use that space for other business critical functions, and cut down on all those server room utility costs.

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