Instead of running two separate network systems, one for voice and another for data, our SIP platform combines the two onto one connection.

SIP is now the standard on which IP PBXs are built. By deploying our SIP Trunking service, you can avoid having ISDN circuits at each site, and be sure you’re future proofing your business for Unified Communications.

Why choose SIP?

Reduce cost – Because SIP removes the need for traditional telephone lines like ISDN2 and ISDN30 by routing calls using your internet connection it cuts the cost of telephony – up to 50% off line rentals and 25% off calls.

  • Ultra flexible – add and remove lines easily and quickly. Choose how and where you want calls delivered, make changes instantly.
  • Disasters covered – reroutes calls to back up sites in seconds.
  • SIP delivers all the features you need – DDI (Direct Dialling Inwards), CLI (Call Line Identity), CLIP (Caller Line Identity Presentation), CLIR (Caller Line Identity Restriction) and Presentation Numbers are all supported.
  • Be ready for unified communications – Our SIP platform is ready to connect to all SIP enabled communications platforms from the leading providers.

Start saving money

  • SIP trunks replace ISDN lines and because they typically cost less lines so you can save money on the cost of your ISDN2 or ISDN 30 lines.
  • SIP channels can be shared between sites so you can potentially reduce the number of lines you require.
  • You’ll save on installation costs because SIP lines are delivered across your internet or wide area network connection which cuts down on engineer visits and termination equipment.

Can I use it?

Any business with a PBX can switch to our SIP trunking service and immediately benefit from a more flexible, less expensive and more resilient phone service. Don’t have a PBX? Talk to us about hosted VoIP solutions.

What now?

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