We run a UK wide fibre network connecting data centres across the country

Data Centre to Data Centre

Our services are delivered at between 10Mbps and 10Gbps and are designed to offer low latency bandwidth between data centres. This makes it ideal for SAN replication. We have a vast national and international network interconnecting many data centres around the world.

Office to Data Centre

Getting fast private access to your data centre via a dedicated connection will ensure that your critical business applications are readily available at all times. We offer a range of national and international access connections from dedicated ADSL lines to private fibre circuits.

Internet Access/IP Transit

Our extensive network and colocation presence enables us to provide three options of IP Transit to data centres throughout the UK:

  • Tier 1 Full IP Transit – where a specific carrier route is required
  • Multi-Homed IP Transit – suits most business internet access purposes
  • Partial IP Transit – suits local traffic purposes

To see how we can help with your business requirements call one of our experts on +44 (0) 203 955 7200

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