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We’re a connected solutions provider with a real knack for providing creative business solutions to all our customers infrastructure challenges. Our customers choose us because our network aggregates and interconnects with a selection of data centres, multiple network carriers and cloud platforms. So they get choice and flexibility without limits.

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Get premium colocation services in 10 of the best data centres the UK and London have to offer. We offer colocation services from part racks to full racks, private suites and caged areas, plus connectivity and on-site managed services.

Data Centre Locations

To build a cloud infrastructure platform that is able to compete in the market, the UK IT Channel is faced with having to make investment in hardware, virtualisation software, data centre colocation and connectivity as the core to their in-house cloud infrastructure.

YourCloudPlatform makes this easy and cost effective by providing all of the core elements for no capital expense, a simple low cost monthly fee and easy to follow licensing plan.

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We run a UK wide fibre network connecting data centres across the country.

Our services are delivered at between 10Mbps and 10Gbps and are designed to offer low latency bandwidth between data centres. This makes it ideal for SAN replication. We have a vast national and international network interconnecting many data centres around the world.

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Data Centre Site Services

Our qualified technical team are on hand for any task. Big or small.

Even with the latest sophisticated remote management tools, sometimes only an on-site pair of hands will do. When that happens our expert engineers are on hand to save you the journey.

All of our data centres are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly trained, experienced staff. We can take care of a whole range of tasks at any time of the day or night, like simply rebooting a device or swapping a back-up tape, to full blown rack and stack services including un-boxing, installing and configuration work.

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We think cloud services should give you more freedom, not just now but as your business changes. That’s why our services are designed to give you support, flexibility and choice at every stage of your cloud strategy. Our integrated platform helps you to adopt cloud at your own pace, and use it to fit your exact needs.

Virtual Data Centre

Our Virtual Data Centre platform is part of our flexible and integrated cloud offering. Our VDC provides on demand computing resource, storage and applications in a highly scalable and secure environment.

It’s the ideal alternative to buying, managing and maintaining your own physical IT equipment. And it’s all integrated with the Backbone Connect Network, Internet and Colocation platforms across the UK.

Our Virtual Data Centre is intuitive and fast, making it perfect for businesses looking for high quality data solutions.

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Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud service is exactly what it says. Private.

With a private cloud you get dedicated network, compute and storage hardware with a hypervisor layer and Cloud Orchestrator, all located in a private colocation cabinet. Everything is housed in your choice from our large selection of data centres.

It’s like moving into a colocation cabinet full of servers, storage and networking infrastructure. In the same way you expect the data centre infrastructure to be taken care of by the provider, a Private Cloud means that everything will be managed for you too.

This all means that you benefit from cloud computing efficiencies, features and pricing models but with the control and security of your own dedicated infrastructure. We help you to become your own cloud provider for your business.

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Hybrid Cloud

f you’re looking to make a move towards cloud technologies, our experts are here to help you understand the options available and how they can help your business. We’ll also help you to join everything up.

Chances are your business will require a combination of infrastructure options, rather than simply choosing a single service. So we’ve developed a unique platform that has more options as standard, providing a highly adaptable environment that can be easily flexed to meet your exact needs. So you get a combination of services that fit your business now. And you also have access to others, for when you need them in the future.

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We understand that all businesses are different, and that even within a single organisation, specific offices or departments have particular networking needs. That’s why we offer a versatile, multi-carrier network that gives you the choice and flexibility to build a high-quality network just the way you want it.

Data Centre Interconnects

Our services are delivered via 100Mbps copper or fibre Gigabit ports at all of our points of presence (PoP), enabling easy, cost effective bandwidth from data centre to data centre. We also provide a range of ultra-low latency connectivity solutions for centre to centre replication.

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MPLS Networks

Our MPLS network solutions provide fast and reliable connectivity optimised for the secure sharing of data traffic between your offices.
We recognise that your IT infrastructure is likely to change over time. That's why our platform gives you more choice and options for when you need them.

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Point To Point Connections

Our network offers you more options. We operate one of the largest networks of its type, interconnected with most national and international carriers for maximum reach.

To discuss your business requirements, call us on on 0844 984 1717.

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VPLS Networks

Our VPLS Networks (Virtual Private LAN Service) provide reliable connectivity using Ethernet connections at every point to give you superior control and management of traffic across your WAN. Our platform gives you more choice and options for when you need them.

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Because we only offer business solutions, our platform is uncongested with home user traffic. This means it is optimised for your critical business usage. What’s more, our dedicated support team are skilled at working with companies that really depend on access to the internet.

And you can choose from a complete range of connections, from ADSL to Ethernet and even WiMax. All backed up by first class support and customer service.


Want ADSL Broadband that's fit for business?
Our network does not carry domestic traffic. We're a business only service provider, which means we're experts at getting you up and running quickly and ensuring you get the most from our Ethernet products.
Unrivalled technical support with hands on business user experience
Business only core network – uncongested with home user traffic
Dedicated Account Manager
Leading service levels.

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EFM Overview

Our EFM business internet service is ideal for smaller sized businesses looking for guaranteed service levels and performance.
EFM is the next step up from ADSL broadband services but is a lower cost alternative to Ethernet Internet connections.
Our EFM products offer synchronous bandwidth speeds from 2Mbps up to 20Mbps and can be installed in as little as 30days. As a business only ISP we have a wealth of experience to support your company, helping you get up and running quickly and ensuring you get the most from our EFM products.

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Ethernet Fibre (FTTC)

Backbone Connects FTTC Business Broadband service provides super fast and reliable Internet access for businesses across the UK looking for faster download and Internet speeds that help increase productivity.
We were one of the first few genuine FTTC providers in the UK to offer speeds of up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload, and have more than 15 years experience in supporting businesses with their inernet connectivity, our experience will ensure you get the most from our FTTC products & technical expertise.

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Ethernet Internet

Our Performance Business Internet Access is ideal for businesses that need high levels of resilience and performance.

Our Ethernet Internet Connections offer the highest service level commitments, guaranteeing service uptime and availability. For complete peace of mind, we provide round the clock technical support from our team of experts. And we give you online monitoring tools so you can track performance and uptime.

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