Concessions, stores and offices

Our retail WAN services are provided over a range of access connections including multi-carrier xDSL, 4G, FTTC and Ethernet. We’ll create the perfect blend of services for each of your sites, xDSL with 4G backup for your concessions, FTTC or EFM for your smaller stores and Ethernet for you Flagship or Head Office. Then join it all up over our enterprise class, multi-carrier MPLS network, giving you control and performance like never before.

– Multi-carrier platform gives more resilience and backup options to keep you online

– Range of connectivity options to suit your concessions, pop-up stores, high street stores, Flagships and Head Office

– On-net data centre and cloud services for your website, centralised storage, security, backups and applications

– Centralised internet breakout helps reduce cost and improve security

– Rapid deployment options for last minute connectivity needs

– PCI-DSS compliant solutions

– 24/7 technical support across your entire WAN

– Dedicated, expert Account Management

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Your website load will peak at Christmas and during a successful promotion or sale and the last thing you want at these short but lucrative peak times is website slow down or worse.

Our cloud platform is designed to perform during ‘Peaky’ loads because it can scale on demand to maximum levels set by you.

But you only pay for what you use. So if you currently run at 60% capacity for 9 months of the year and 100% the rest then you’ll save money using our platform and be protected from slow-down or bottle necks, no matter how well the marketing departments’ latest campaign is performing. And of course it’s PCI-DSS compliant.

For more information regarding our cloud services contact us at or on 0844 984 1717.

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