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July 28th, 2013 Blog, Colocation

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From time to time we get approached by a client that needs to relocate within a data centre, sometimes they’re disappointed with their current supplier or need more power than they can get in their current racks. Whatever the reason we’re always happy to help.

We occupy most of the 4th floor and a significant portion of the second floor within Level 3’s Goswell Road data centre and we’ve been a tenant for a number of years which means we know the facility well including how to get things done under pressure and how to get the best out of Level3 themselves.


Level 3 are a massive company so while they’re good at building solid data centres and running a vast global network, they can prove less than super responsive if you need a cross connect urgently between racks in Goswell.

Last month we received a call from a company with 3 racks on the second floor. They had fallen out with their current supplier and wanted to be out within 3 weeks. The current set up included 3 racks, 40amps of power and a number of cross connects between various meet me racks in the data centre.

To keep things even more interesting, the client could tolerate almost no downtime because their end customers were fairly sensitive. Any outage had to be minimal and carefully planned in advance. Given the short time frame we had to make sure this happened on the first attempt.

Day 1 – First step – prepare the new racks. This is straight forward as we operate suites which are pre-populated with racks (customers can bring their own, but often we find ours are suitable for most customer requirements). So it was just a matter of some pre-handover checks to ensure power is up and the racks are ready.

Day 2 – Order Cross Connects – any connections between suites or floors in Level 3 can only be run by Level 3, so we’re at the mercy of the standard order process – in this scenario where time was critical we raised an expedite request to make sure the connections we needed were in place ASAP. There is a charge for expediting an order.

Day 3 – IP addresses allocated. – The customer completed the necessary form on Day 1 to request a /27 IP block – it was processed internally and the block was handed over on day 3, giving the customer plenty of time to prepare config changes and to notify any end customers that might be affected.

Day 5 – IP port handover and cabling complete. The IP port was delivered to a patch panel at the top of Rack 1. We also ran cross connects between the three racks ready for the clients equipment.

Day 6 – Client deployed test equipment. Tests carried out and passed.

Day 8 – Cross connects delivered by Level 3.

Day 9 – Backbone tested all 11 cross connects to ensure they were where we needed them to be and that they weren’t faulty. All were fine!
Connectivity established between the client’s existing racks and the Backbone Connect new racks, ready for migration.

Day 10 – solution handover to client.
This gave the customer a further 11 days to migrate the equipment from their old racks to our newly handed over racks. Plenty of time!


Migrating between racks in the same data centre and even moving to a new data centre altogether isn’t as painful as it might sound, providing you have the right support from an experienced team. Backbone Connect are data centre experts and our Prince2 qualified project managers are on hand to help ensure the whole process happens swiftly and according to plan.

If you’re considering a move and would like help with the planning or choosing the right data centre then call us on 0844 984 1717

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