Meeting our new Sales Manager: Peter Bell

January 17th, 2017 Blog

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Our new Sales Manager Peter Bell talks about his new role, what he has achieved with Backbone Connect so far and his exciting priorities for the new year…

The dynamic is changing within the New Business and Customer Success Teams at Backbone Connect. After previously managing the Customer Success Team I’m very pleased to be stepping up to the new challenge of becoming Manager for the whole sales department, covering all our work with customers, prospects and our key partners and suppliers. My time as CST Manager saw the creation and development of a great team with a clear dedication to our customers, we were able to focus resource on the customer journey and satisfaction with our services. This was reflected in our fantastic Net Promoter Score and really helped us continue to make customer happiness the focus of the business.

It is the feedback we have sought from our customers and the skills we have developed from our strong relationships with them that powers my approach to all sales here. In our industry expertise and value are key to great customer/vendor partnerships, and it’s my job to communicate to our customers and prospects just how Backbone Connect can bring these elements to your business.

An exciting part of this role is being able to be directly responsible for the development of each member of the current team. Personal development is key to the success of any high performance team and it’s an area that I have a lot of experience and success in. We’ve only just started the year but already I’m working closely with my teams to develop the individual plans that will help them improve, develop and achieve their goals.

As well as this I am working on the next phase of our recruitment plan for this year, which will see our new business team quadruple in size by the end of the year! We have already hired a brand new Senior Customer Success Executive starting this month and we’re working hard on bringing the next phase of talented and experienced professionals from the IT industry to help us achieve our ambitious growth plans this year. New faces always bring fresh input, new ideas and expand our ability for collaboration and improvement, so I’m personally really looking forward to the positive changes happening. We have a fantastic social culture here at Backbone and new staff are always improving it.

The whole company is also really excited about our plans to create the Backbone Sales Academy, a gateway for young, ambitious people who want to get into sales in the IT industry. This will mean a wave of new, ambitious staff for whom learning and career development will be critical. They will be an exciting part of the future growth of Backbone, as well as being able to contribute directly to our immediate success as they learn about how we manage our customers and our sales process, putting those lessons into practise as they are mentored by employees such as myself and other senior sales and customer success team members.

That’s just some of the parts of this role that I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this year, I haven’t even talked about working with the other departments on new product development, automating more of our business processes and working even closer with our Projects and Service Delivery teams. That will have to wait for the next article…

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