New mobile software allows IT managers more freedom

January 15th, 2014 Backbone Connect, Blog, How To

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New mobile software could revolutionise the way we work, allowing more flexibility for data centre and IT managers, says David Mcleod in an article for Data Centre News.

Do you ever feel like you’re tied to your desk, monitoring your infrastructure? Well now you don’t need to be. With two recently launched mobile software platforms you are able to remotely monitor both data centre and server equipment, giving you a greater deal of flexibility and freedom.

In this month’s issue of Data Centre News, Backbone Connect’s Marketing Director, David Mcleod, talks about new mobile monitoring software that allows you to see the performance of your infrastructure from anywhere.

Benefits for data centre managers

If you’re a data centre manager, you could really benefit from one particular piece of software – the Trellis Power System Manager. Available for use on iPad devices, it’s the mobile version of Emerson’s data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) tool, and allows you to remotely monitor the performance of your facility from anywhere with a Wifi connection. You can observe the entire power system of a DC, and even see how much energy is being consumed by each individual piece of equipment.

It’s an incredibly useful piece of kit, which can give you better insights into the running of the facility, all whilst you’re on the go. Meaning you needn’t worry about being away from the facility, and if anything does go wrong you can react quickly.

Remote App for IT Managers

As an IT manager, you’re well aware of the need for constant monitoring of your infrastructure. And a new mobile app is available to help you too.

The Backbone Connect Monitoring App provides you with real-time information on several key data centre elements, including:

•    internet traffic
•    rack power consumption
•    humidity
•    ambient temperature

The app also offers extra security measures by including a live 24-hour camera feed, so you can literally see your equipment via your smartphone screen.

You can see small problems quickly and simply call the centre for on-site tech support. And for bigger issues, the app provides a greater insight into the problem so you’re forewarned before attending the centre – meaning you know what work is required, how urgent the problem is, and what the short-term implications might be for the business.

You can even set up push notifications to send an automatically generated alert to your smartphone if any problems arise. If something fails whilst you’re in a board meeting, on a train or even out to lunch, you’ll be made aware immediately. So for the bigger, business-critical problems you can act within seconds, meaning quicker fixes, shorter down time and far quicker resolutions.

Find out more about the new mobile software and how it can benefit the industry. Read the full article on p17 of the January issue of Data Centre News.

Have you tried the Backbone Connect App yet? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of it.

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