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September 19th, 2018 Blog

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We are passionate about our customers, passionate about the people that depend on our services and who work, grow and develop within our business. Our people are our brand and our differentiators, so for us to deliver the best possible customer service is what we aim for.  Our core values are focused around being responsive and tenacious when it comes to dealing with our customers to ensure that we are different and better.

Since November 2017 our Service Desk team have been working exceptionally hard to get a 100% Customer Satisfaction Score from their tickets. They started targeting against this score in April 2018, moving steadily through the 90’s, consistently improving on a monthly basis. The team itself has also had some new team members and new processes put in place, something which we think has helped to improve the score over the past few months. With the team’s dedication, our Service Delivery Manager, Chris, is really proud and happy to announce that in August we achieved our first 100% Customer Satisfaction Score since they started measuring against it earlier this year!

“I’m so proud of the team and how well they’ve responded to each and every one of the customer inquires. It’s been a great success to achieve this, so now we need to keep it up!”

After each ticket is closed, our ticketing systems sends out an automatic survey via email asking the customer to rate how well the service they received was for that ticket. The survey is very specific to that ticket, so it gives the team a good understanding of how well they are approaching different types of tickets and problems. It is very important for Chris to understand how the team are doing, not just from a sales cycles or project completion point of view, but especially when a customer is live and using our service. This enables him to see which tickets are being dealt with well and where there needs to be improvement.

So, what’s next? After achieving a 100% Customer Satisfaction score, it gives the team a good base to build upon and keep up the good work. However, there may be some bumps along the way. It is important for our people and our customers to know that any negative feedback scores are raised with senior members of the business and are discussed to determine the best way to improve the service. Our team will continue to be dependable independent individuals in order to maintain 100% customer satisfaction and to show how important our customers are to us.

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