Facebook building new ‘flat-pack data centre’

March 17th, 2014 Blog, News

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Like - thumb upFacebook is building a new data centre in Sweden, which takes its inspiration from IKEA style flat pack furniture.

The Luleå 2 data centre is being constructed in the Swedish town of Luleå, alongside Facebook’s pre-existing data centre there. Using what the company calls its Rapid Deployment Data Centre (RDDC) concept, the centre will be built using pre-fabricated modular sections which can be assembled on site.

The company has likened the construction of its new DC to products made by popular Swedish furniture retailer IKEA. In the same way that IKEA products can be easily put together from pre-fabricated parts, so too can Facebook’s new centre be constructed from pre-made modular sections. This means a quicker build time, and fewer waste products.

The centre will also be highly energy efficient. The current Luleå facility benefits from the Swedish arctic climate to keep servers cool, pumping in cold air from outside instead of relying on air conditioning. And it has an impressive PUE (power usage effectiveness) of 1.05 – something the company is confident of replicating in the new centre. It will also add to its sustainability credentials by powering the new site with renewable hydroelectric energy from the nearby Lule River.

Prefabricated modular data centres are not an entirely new thing, and other companies have deployed them in various forms in the past. However, Facebook’s new RDDC concept is a new approach to construction and the company believes it could “become a model for the next generation of data centers”.

Unsurprisingly, the company has its own Facebook page for the original Luleå data centre, where you can keep up to date with news and developments of the new build.

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