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January 3rd, 2019 Blog

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Its been all action down at our new data centre suite at Century Link, Goswell Road over the last two months! Construction of the suite, migration of customers into their new space, plus a host of new branding throughout and features to really make it different and better than other DC spaces in the industry.


New space, new look, new opportunities

We have been providing data centre services for over a decade now, its something we are expert at. But this is the first time we have been able to invest in a new facility and create a space that works exactly as we want it to. We’ve had the freedom to take a decade’s worth of experience and build new features into our suite that allow it to stand out against the standard offering that every other competitor has.


Customers going live

Since October, we have been working hard to migrate customers from our old suite across to the new one. Two months on and we’ve moved 15 customers so far, many of whom have been really impressed with both our new facility and the migration service they received from Omar and the rest of the team.


“Omar has gone above and beyond for us today in the data centre… he was diligent, methodical and concise in his communications. Overall, the move went very smoothly, and the support was extremely helpful.”

Dan Fage at Infinity Capital Markets letting us know how impressed he was…


+ 1’s that make the difference

We’ve invested a lot of time and thought into what makes a DC suite a comfortable, effective and productive space that helps customers work quickly and efficiently. Our BackStage area in the suite offers simple but effective features that make our customers life easier. Features like a charging station for their phones, free tools and spare parts to use, a stocked kitchen for refreshments, ‘crash-carts’ and chairs for them to work at. These +1’s are the differentiators that make using our suite compared to others a much better customer experience. Add into that a dedicated in-suite Engineer presence and you have an excellent customer experience.


Lovely shiny branding…

You all know how much Marketing loves crayons, and the new suite has given them the opportunity to use all the colours! Our brand new, gleaming white space has slowly but surely become more and more branded as we establish a great looking, professional and friendly feel to the suite.


Next step, a staff tour…

We’ll be organising a set of new year tours for everyone to visit this great space and see what all the fuss is about. We are continuing to add all the small touches that will improve customer experience as well as migrating more customers on a weekly basis, something that will be rolling out over the next few months.


If you get the chance, come and see the new suite!

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