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February 13th, 2012 Blog, Cloud Platform

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Imagine an internal IT world like the Mobile App Store, use applications anywhere on any device and download new Apps to make your working life more productive. All the time the App’s you consume are controlled within the corporate environment for security and availability, “that will never happen” I hear you say! Maybe you should.

Can a Corporate App Store ever be a reality?

Imagine not having to roll out new desktop releases!
Imagine allowing users to use their own devices with NO fear of security!
Imagine standardising the corporate IT experience in the Enterprise whenever and wherever you user needs access!
Imagine a truly Hybrid environment allowing IT to choose hardware and hypervisors to suit applications!
Imagine giving new users creation out to departmental admin! Imagine eliminating 1st line support!
Imagine the IT department being revenue making department rather than a cost centre!

If you can imagine your corporate environment benefiting from any of these points then hope is on the horizon as software developers start to deliver this paradigm of a corporate App store.

Already deployed in some of the world largest corporates in banking, manufacturing and travel software providers are now developing automated management solutions that allow the mobility, scalability, cost savings and technology independence with corporate security.

I like to brand the concept the “Corporate App Store” but I suppose it will take another name soon, probably including “cloud” as seems to be the trend.

This “Corporate App Store” for me would be either a launch able dashboard or a portal accessible via a browser that looks something like an iPad screen. On the screen the users see’s all their corporate subscriptions including applications, company news and intranet.

One of the features will be an App Store which users can buy their apps and servers to complete projects or new roles which can be downloaded and available through their dashboard in minutes.

Departmental heads (or authorised contacts) can add new users through their own portal simply by putting in their names and authority levels and a few minutes later the new users own account will be ready to access.

Before the sales guy’s go off on a 8 hour flight they can download their workspace to an offline mode allowing them to manage their pipeline and prepare proposals that will all automatically sync back to the network when they are next online.

All the functionality won’t be carried out in an engine room of IT people shovelling coal in to an out of control server the size of a 10 storey office block but a software automated system with workflows to cover every possible eventuality, all over seen by an internal IT department who’s main focus is the delivery of new and innovative solutions to its users.

This IT department will market and sell applications through the Corporate App Store generating enough budgets to not only cover their capital and operational budgets but make a profit to re-invest in developing new services to provide their users.

It can’t happen surely!

Well it’s been happening in the public domain for some time, in the consumer space with the Apple (and other equally commendable providers) App Store and in the SMB space with hosted desktop providers.

Both the above example services are provided by businesses that make money from consumers and other businesses, why couldn’t this be applied inside a single organisation?

All industry talk suggests this functionality is demanded in the business world and where there is a need a savvy business created a solution therefore I have no doubt a product will soon be available.

And as always Backbone Connect will be at the for front of this new technology when it arrives.

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