Connected Westminster Scheme

Westminster City Council has secured European funding to add to their own contribution towards an incentive to enable SMEs within the Westminster Borough to upgrade their internet connection. Because of the heavy traffic in the area, critical routes and large number of narrow streets getting new internet connections installed can be challenging and costly, so the Council is providing grants in the form of Connection Vouchers to qualifying businesses to cover the setup charges.


Eligibility criteria

The scheme applies to small and medium sized businesses within a select range of postcodes in the area, to qualify your office must be located within a qualifying postcode. You can check your office using our eligibility checker form.

Connection Vouchers can only be claimed against 1Gb capable Ethernet connections, with a minimum initial speed of 30Mbps internet access or above. This will provide plenty of room for expansion without the need to carry out any physical installation works.

Vouchers can only be used with ISP’s authorised by Westminster Council including Backbone Connect.


How to claim your connection voucher

  1. Check your eligibility, you can do this by calling our Connection Voucher Support Line on 020 3130 9470
  2. Complete the simple Connection Voucher application form.
  3. Once your eligibility has been verified, order your 1Gb capable service at the initial speed you require (minimum 30Mbps). If you’re not sure how fast you need to go we can help you work this out.
  4. Your service is installed usually within 90 days.
  5. The setup costs are reimbursed by Westminster Council


1Gb is much bigger than my current connection, what else can the extra bandwidth do for my business?

  1. It is estimated that poor internet connectivity costs the UK economy more than £11bn every year in lost productivity, and a 2016 study for EEF found that poor internet connections are the biggest threat to growth*.” A faster internet connection will immediately solve user frustrations caused by an existing internet connection which does not have sufficient capacity.
  2. Still using ISDN? Cut rental charges and call costs by ditching your ISDN and moving to SIP. ISDN is a legacy product which is being phased out, it is expensive and inflexible. SIP allows you to route your calls over your internet connection without affecting call quality to drastically reduce your costs, solve your business continuity challenges and give you much more.
  3. Get a direct link to the Cloud. Do you use AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Office 365? Our internet services include the ability to create a direct and private link to these cloud services without crossing the public internet to improve reliability, eliminate laggy connections and in some cases cut costs.


Use your voucher to:

  1. Supercharge your staff productivity with £2000 off the cost of 1Gpbs Internet Connection

Huge internet speeds so your staff can do more

Rock solid reliability to eliminate downtime

  1. Cut the cost of your ISDN rental charges and call costs with SIP

Our internet connections are fully SIP ready, making the switch from ISDN to SIP couldn’t be easier

Optional full feature hosted telephone system also available

No need to change your numbers

  1. Directly connect to the cloud:


Microsoft Azure





We can help

Backbone Connect have a solid track record for providing creative connectivity solutions across the UK. Our work with Connected City schemes has allowed us to bring high performance internet connectivity to many businesses.

Chat with us online or call the Connection Voucher Team now on 02031 309 470 to see why we’re different.



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