We provide secure, private connectivity directly into the major public cloud providers, so that our customers can get the best possible performance, stability and cost for their cloud-based workloads.

As adoption of cloud services increases, it is becoming increasingly important to have an appropriate network strategy. This should include fast, secure and reliable connectivity directly into the cloud platforms where your data and applications are hosted. Cloud connectivity through Backbone Connect is the best and most cost-effective way to achieve this. 


Private, high performance connectivity to the public cloud

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Key features and benefits of private cloud connectivity

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Your choice of major cloud supplier 

We offer secure, private connections to the major cloud services providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Our range of solutions enable customers to pay only for the bandwidth that they consume, with the ability to scale their commitment up and down at short notice.

This flexibility, combined with our technical expertise and our resilient backbone, provides our clients with greater business agility, and the peace of mind that their dependency on the cloud is mitigated by eliminating the network as a potential ‘single point of failure’.


Exceptional service levels

Our solutions are not only highly flexible; they are also backed by industry leading service levels and a highly responsive team, but don’t just take our word for it:

“I’d recommend Backbone Connect 100%. Their technical knowledge is second to none, they have always been available on the phone, any problems we have had as minor as they have been, they have been fixed in a minute. I call their IT department pretty much any time of the day, even night sometimes and they answer which is a massive bonus for our business. Being an international business 24/7 support is very very important to us and Backbone Connect offers that!

Adam Osborn, Head of Digital, Magazine Cloner




How do you know if you need a private cloud connection?

Direct connectivity into public cloud providers’ networks will improve performance, reliability and security, and can also help avoid expensive bandwidth charges. Our infographic shows you why a private cloud connection is essential for your cloud strategy.


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 pencils png 208Why we’re better – our success, reflected in our NPS score 

The Net Promoter Score shows our success in the IT industry and why customer focus and service excellence make the difference. In an industry full of large suppliers with notoriously bad customer service, our score of 46 is significantly better than our competitors.


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We can help

Backbone Connect have a solid track record for providing creative solutions to our customer’s challenges and we’d love to help you too.

Chat with us online or call us now on 0844 984 1717 to see why we’re different.



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